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Everyone is welcome to join the fun and get fit at the same time. Join us for WalkFIT Tuesday and Thursday 6:45 am at Images by Maria 285 W Main Morgan Hill, CA 

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If you feel like the excitement and motivation that comes with a new workout regime has all but abandoned you, you aren’t alone. It’s easy to start a program with determination to change your life. Unfortunately, it is far more difficult to stick to these plans and to push yourself through the complications that comes with refining your lifestyle. Don’t give up on your plans just yet. There are a few things you can do to help you keep yourself motivated, focused, and headed in a healthier direction. On those days when you know you should workout but, well, the sofa is right there, or those days when you’d rather just eat the whole pizza, keep these tips in mind!

Schedule it: Think about the things you need to accomplish in your day and write down the most important. You know you’re going to go to work and you know you’re going to feed your children, so you can potentially leave those ones off the list. If you need to find time for a workout, a yoga session, or to prep some healthy meals for the week, schedule it! Make these actions a priority in your life and pencil them into your calendar. Treat them like appointment that you cannot reschedule.

Envision it: Take 5 minutes every day and visualize yourself completing your workout. See yourself getting fit. Close your eyes and imagine yourself starting your workout. Think about what you are wearing, think about how it feels, what muscles are you going to work? What moves will you try? How do you feel after? Think about your post workout high and your sense of accomplishment in getting it done. Your brain has a hard time distinguishing between reality and a well thought out visualization. So, this will trick your brain into feeling all the positive emotions you get from a completed workout, helping you to feel more energized and excited to do it when the time comes!

Get galvanized: We’re human and things can happen in our lives from day to day, hour to hour. You may have started the day ready to take on the world and then, for whatever reason, your inspiration just disappears. This is where you can draw on other people for help! We know how much easier these things can be when you do it as part of a community and that’s why when you sign up for a GET FIT Membership, you gain access to the GET FIT INSIDER fun, motivation and constant education. Check out the GET FIT GYM Facebook page. This group is full of folks, who are fighting the same battles you are. It is an inclusive space to share with, learn from, and support one another on your journey for a healthier life.

Remove complications: Get rid of all that background “noise” and keep yourself focused. Put your phone away, turn off the television and put all your efforts into your get fit session. Make this time about you, and you alone. It isn’t selfish to put yourself first so ditch the distractions, stop making excuses, and do this for you. If you need additional assistance, start personal training with GET FIT today.