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21 Day GET FIT Pre Holiday Challenge

Do you love the holidays? Are your kids home from school this holiday season? Do you have time off? In-laws, parents, siblings, or cousins in town? It can be tricky to stay on track during the festive season. If you know you won't be following your usual routine, we've got the perfect no-guilt solution.
e to our Pre-Holiday 21-Day GET FIT Challenge.
Just before the holidays is ideal to execute changes, to align with goals and maneuver to fun and purposeful activities. Beginning a new program requires direction, commitment and willpower, all key elements to a strong, healthy, and happy body. Cultivate the principle of Greatness and jump in with us. According to researchers, it takes three weeks for a new habit to take root. This program will jump start your changeover into autumn.

Now you are free to create your 21 Day Challenge, dig deep and find your willpower. Each day the GET FIT team will provide three class styles to choose from. Different styles from our diverse collection of teachers will allow you to choose the class that suits your mood, keep you on track, and stay true to your personal goals.
Set an intention and commit to creating a personal practice you can stick with through the upcoming season and beyond. Let's do this together.

This is main challenge page with new class options added daily! Late comers are welcome.

Here's how it works: Twenty-one classes in Twenty-one days. Two classes will be in the fitness center and one class will be available online.

This is main challenge page with new class options added daily! Late comers are welcome.

DAY 1 Fun Workout Time  

Welcome to day one of the 21-Day Pre-Holiday GET FIT Challenge! 

Seasons are changing and it's time to start gearing up for the hectic holiday season. Start things off right and feel your best before things get crazy with our 21-Day Pre-Holiday GET FIT Challenge - to get your body in the ultimate shape and your spirit rejuvenated. The focus of the first week of this challenge is commitment. The difference between a challenge of this nature, and simply going to a fitness class when we feel like it, is the element of committing to YOURSELF. Challenges are meant to be challenging, and are also an opportunity to strengthen your willpower and accelerate growth. Commitment means staying loyal to what you said you were going to do, even in those moments you don't feel like it. After 21 consecutive days of health and wellness, you will feel powerful. Enjoy the journey.

As you embark on this challenge, we encourage you to set some intentions. Why are you challenging yourself at this time? What are some personal goals for you during this challenge? What are you hoping to transform? Ponder these, write about them, or share them. We'd love to hear from you and the other challengers will too! 

DAY 2 21 Day Pre Holiday Get Fit Challenge

Hopefully you're feeling great after the class from day 1! Two days in a row will have you feeling even better! The bigger the challenge, the bigger the opportunity for growth. Regardless of how you feel after day 1, showing up for the second day is the next step for a successful completion of this challenge. Remind yourself of why you've committed to challenging yourself.

NEW Videos Added Daily  

Sun Salutations with Debbie Pardue Stocksick at GET FIT Morgan Hill

 21 Day Pre-Holiday GET FIT Challenge Day 3

Welcome to day 3 of the Pre-Holiday GET FIT Challenge! Great job getting through the first 2 days! We know life can get busy, but it feels amazing to stick with your goals! Exercises today are challenging, but extremely rewarding. "The real value in setting goals, is not the recognition or the reward, it's the person we become by finding the discipline, courage, and commitment, to achieve them." Day 3 can be a day of breakthroughs and feeling the beginning of your body changing. Regardless, congratulations on showing up for yourself again.
21 Day Pre Holiday GET FIT Challenge Day 4
Welcome to Day 4 of the Pre-Holiday GET FIT Challenge
We hope you have enjoyed your exercises online or the in studio classes. Today you have a diverse choice of Poundfit or Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Debbie. Or you can treat your hips and thighs to some toning exercising on line with Tammi.
21 Day Pre-Holiday GET FIT Challenge Day 5
Are you craving that fitness high but just do not have time for an entire hour. Through creative sequencing, you'll challenge strength and balance, tone your hips, thighs and hamstrings with todays online segments.
21 Day Pre-Holiday GET FIT Challenge Day 6
Hello Challengers,
We hope you are feeling stronger, lighter, and more radiant. We know it is not easy to create a new habit, especially when it is defined by committing to a new activity every single day. Whether you are fired up and roaring to the finish line or stumbling in your resolve, we are here to help. Today we have a different version of video. 6 Pilates Exercises to Relieve Lower Back Pain. 
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